Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Territory

Hi- My name is Meredith.  I live in Arkansas and I have tons of friends who blog.  So, now, I am apparently trying to be one of the cool kids and jump on this bandwagon.  I think my mother might be the only person who will read what I type... but she will!  I will apologize in advance to my high school English teachers, Mrs. Bonds, Mr. Tuttle, Mrs. Franks and Mrs. Raines.  I am sure I have forgotten how to properly place most punctuation and my sentence structure and word finding skills leave much to be desired.  I just think it's neat to have a place to put your day out there.  At some point, maybe something one of us blogs about might just help someone who reads it.
We'll see how this goes.  Low expectations, people!


P.S. I think it's cool that the font on the page is called "Covered By Your Grace"  How appropriate!  It is also almost to be small enough to be my actual writing.  I thought about making it life sized, but I don't think I could see it on the screen!

1 comment:

  1. How wonderful. Will look forward to reading your small words!